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The Gospel of Paul

No one, outside of Christ, has influenced Christianity more than Paul the Apostle, but who was he? Why was he so passionate about persecuting Christians? Why are his teachings so controversial? Beginning with an explanation of Saul’s persecution of Christians through 4 missionary journeys and 15 epistles we are going to see why this man is so important to our understanding of Christ’s gospel. This fall session is entitled: The Bible’s Most Exciting Sinner. Dr. Nathan T Morton is leads this study on Wednesday mornings at 10:30 and Wednesday nights at 7pm in the chapel.


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Designed By God Series

Many believers want to grow in Christlikeness but just simply do not know how to move forward in their Christian faith. This is the purpose of the “God’s Design Series.” Topics include God’s design for greatness, growing spiritually, worship, relationship, etc…  Kristen Mize and Heather Morton lead this 12-week study and it is held on Wednesday nights at 7pm in the chapel building. To join this encouraging life group select here.

Experiencing God

Many Christians want to go deeper in their relationship with God than they have in the past. This updated study of a classic series will help you awaken to a radically God-centered way of life. This powerful study includes unique codes that allow you to access teaching videos that can be viewed prior to meeting with the discussion group. Janice Hagar  leads this 12-week study and it is held on Wednesday nights at 7pm in the chapel building.

Monday Nights

Celebrate Recovery

Many people struggle with overcoming and growing beyond their hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered 12 step program designed to help you do just that … get free and overcome. This group is structured as an open share group that begins with a 10-minute principle followed by a time of individual sharing. To see if Celebrate Recovery is for you check here. Dr. Nathan T Morton leads this share group on Monday nights at 7pm in the chapel building.