Dr. Nathan T. Morton was led by the Lord to come to Mt. Zion Baptist Church, as he says, “Early one morning I received the Macedonian call to come and help and so I gladly surrendered.” In October of 1981 Dr. Morton said, “God drew me unto Himself and made me His forever. Since I am His He can do with me whatever He wills.”

Three years later (1984) in the same month Nathan fell under heavy conviction while listening to missionary from Singapore preaching on the text, “O Ye Generation of Vipers.” After the sermon Dr. Morton slipped out of the sanctuary into a prayer room and began to wrestle with the Lord.

“I am so tired of fighting. Lord either let me go so that I can go enjoy sin, or take control of me and make me do right, because I am incapable on my on.” What seemed like only a few moments but had in reality been 3 hours when Nathan blurted out, “OK God, I give up, I”ll be a preacher!” In that moment, much like the testimony of John Wesley and so many others, his heart was strangely warmed and peace flooded his soul. Dr. Morton accepted his first pastorate on Easter 1988 and has been in full-time pastoral for over 34 years. To God be the glory!

Dr. Morton married Heather, the love of his life, on May 21, 1985 and they have 4 wonderful children and 2 precious grandchildren.

You can access Dr. Morton’s person ministry website here. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter @nathantmorton , and LinkedIn. You can also reach him at (910)398-4695 or