Christmas Cantata

A Promise Kept 2022

Performance Date: December 18, 2022

Would you like to sing in this year’s Christmas Cantata at Mt. Zion Baptist Church and be a part of this wonderful group? Our practices are held each Sunday Evening at 6pm in the sanctuary. All you have to do is show up. We would love to have you join with us for this uplifting worship and ministry in song. [Use the button at the bottom to hear the songs.]

From the very beginning, our God has revealed His faithfulness to numerous generations, keeping and fulfilling all of His promises. And of all His promises, the most important promise—the one of redemption and life…the one of word becoming flesh…the one of glory and power—was fulfilled in the form of a baby, cradled in a manger. Celebrating this promise of taking the most humble of circumstances and turning them into glory is this new heartfelt Christmas Musical. Bringing new life to timeless Christmas melodies A Promise Kept encompasses everything a Christmas celebration should be—joyous, nostalgic, tender, exciting, and above all, worshipful of the One who always keeps His promises.